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Commonly asked Questions and Answers


What is SJS ELITE?

       SJS ELITE is the Select Competitive Soccer component of Sequim Junior Soccer. Select Soccer is for those players who are ready to play soccer at the NEXT LEVEL. Select Soccer is for those players who have the desire and determination to grow their soccer skills and soccer I.Q

 How long is the season and when is it played?

       The SJS ELITE season will run from mid June to end of November . Each team will practice 2 days a week for  1.5 hour practice sessions. And these practices will be held on the beautiful Albert Haller Playfields in Sequim, Wa.  While 10 week the Select Season starts in August, starting in June, teams will have their weekly practices and will participate in  2 weekend tournaments.

When and Where will Games take place?

        SJS ELITE will play as a travel club as a part of WPL (Washington Premier League). This means that we will play 10 games, and half of them will be played on our Home fields in Sequim, and the other half will be played in the Bainbridge/Tacoma/Seattle area. Games will take place "mostly" on Saturdays and maybe a few Sundays  for U14 and below, and a mix of Saturdays and  Sundays for U15 and above. 


 How much is the SJS ELITE Program, and what’s included?

           SJS and SJS ELITE have a strong vision to be able to keep our Soccer Programs affordable to everyone in our community. We work heavily with Local Businesses in our Community to help keep those costs to families as low as possible. The SJS ELITE fee’s will be set at $500 per year. 

   Just as we strive for an all-inclusive Club, we also strive for an all-inclusive cost. So your fee’s will cover everything you need for your Select Season including:

       WPL Fee’s, Tournament Fee’s, Insurance, Field Maintenance, Coaching Investment, Equipment, Referee Fee’s, and your Full Jersey Kit. This Kit will include not only your Home and Away Jersey, but also a Practice Jersey, shorts, socks, warm ups and an SJS ELITE Backpack.

      We will be using our Kits for TWO seasons(2024 and 2025) to help make it even more affordable to families.  Families can choose to order a full new kit on year 2 for $500, or they can choose to re-use their kits from the season before, and pay only the non Kit Fees of $300.  Families will also be able to purchase Ala carte items from the kit if they don't need the full kit, but only need one or two items.    (*** ALL BRAND NEW PLAYERS will be required to purchase the Full kits***)


What if we can’t afford the Program?

            Our goal is to allow every player chosen for a team to be able to play, no matter their financial situation. We will work with each individual family’s needs with Payment Plan options, and Scholarships available.         

What about Summer Vacations and Multi-Sport players?

     We understand that families travel over summer break, and that some players enjoy keeping busy with multiple sports on their agenda. While Coaches will be flexible during the summer months, they will expect full commitment during the actual game season starting the end of August.  Families should make every effort to be available for Summer Tournaments . Tournaments are scheduled for end of June and August, which gives families opportunity to do vacations in July and not have to miss any tournaments.  Continued Communication between the Parents and Coach is key to making things flow smoothly with the team.

***SJS Elite Season, and Sequim Football/Cheer seasons overlap far too much. So we ask that your player decides beforehand if they want to do soccer OR  football/Cheer, before committing to the team. **


What will happen at Tryouts?

            Each player MUST be Pre-Registered HERE on the Sequim Junior Soccer Website before Tryouts begin. All players will be asked to NOT wear any Select or Rec. jerseys, so that all players will come to tryouts with a clean slate, and no preferential treatment will be given to any players. Each player will be given a bib number that will help Coaches to track and evaluate each players skill and athletic ability demonstrated by each player during tryout. Players will participate in small sided games and skill exercises as well as larger sided games during the course of the Tryout day. For Tryout DATES, view HERE! 

    If your player would like to Tryout, but is not available during the set Tryout time, please contact us after you Register to set up an individual Tryout time for BEFORE tryouts take place. Once they take place, the teams will be decided shortly after, and there may not be room to add any additional players.


What if we want our player to play UP an Age division?

            Please read the following Move- Up Policy. This will be followed for every player, no exceptions. 

 Players in u10-u12 are REQUIRED to try out with their correct birth year age...even if they are requesting to move up to a team above their birthyear. Parents must email a written request to before the player attends Tryouts.  AFTER tryouts are completed, SJS Directors will meet with each coach of requesting players, to discuss the movement of any player, and formation of impacted teams. The decision to allow a player to move up will be based on many factors, to include the number of players in the age group, projected league placement of impacted team, needs of Sequim Junior Soccer, and the development needs of each player. The final decision will be made and communicated by the Sequim Junior Soccer Board. To be fair to all participants in Sequim Junior Soccer, this policy will be adhered to, regardless of team placement during previous seasons.


 Players who are in u13 or above and are NEW to SJS will need to follow the same policy as above. 


Players who are in u13 or above AND have played on the "Age UP" team the previous season only need to have a written Request sent BEFORE tryouts. If we do not have a written request to tryout with the Age up team, they will need to tryout with their correct age group on tryout days. This written request does not guarantee placement on the Age Up Team. It will only allow them to try out for that team. If the player does not get offered a position on the team, they will be allowed to tryout for their correct age group team. 


If you have Questions or if you want more information Email: