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         All players who are interested in trying out for SJS ELITE  *MUST* be Pre-Registered before Tryouts take place. Please take a few minutes to complete the Pre-Registration. 


Tryout dates will be listed below once they are set. 

What to Bring: 

  •   All players must bring a copy of their Birth Certificate for proof of age. 
  •  All players should wear generic athletic clothing. Please do  not wear any Select team clothing, or Rec. team clothing.  This is to ensure all players come in to tryouts with a blank slate. 
  • All players should bring appropriate soccer gear; including cleats, shin guards and a water bottle. 
  • All players should come prepared to give their all.


Can't be there for tryouts? 
       Please still Pre-Register your player, and then contact us at  to set up a different time when your player can be viewed. 


Boys 2005,2006, 2007 (Coach Santiago Musso/ Coach David Henderson)----5/9 & 5/10     5-7pm

Boys 2008, 2009 (Coach Cayson Winn/ Coach Kris Henrikson)---- 5/9 & 5/10     5-7pm

Boys 2010 (Coach Kelli Mishko/ Coach Peter Weston-Webb)---5/9 & 5/10     5-7pm

Boys 2011 (Coach Tristan Fricker/Coach Ethan Van Selus)---- 5/9 & 5/10     5-7pm

Boys 2012 (Coach Juan Gonzales/ Coach Ray Martinez)---- 5/3 & 5/5     5-7pm

Boys 2013 (Coach Alex Peck/ Coach Josiah Bushy)---- 5/3 & 5/5   5-7pm

2014,2015 (Coach  Ryan Smith)---- 5/3 & 5/5     5-7pm


Girls 2005, 2006  HS Girls Summer Tournaments Only  (Coach Carl Weber/ Coach Javier Gomez)-- 5/5     5-7pm

Girls 2007, 2008 HS Girls Summer Tournaments Only (Coach Kevin Brewer/ Coach Tristan Fricker) --5/5     5-7pm

Girls 2009, 2010 (Coach David Henderson/ Coach Margaret Siemion)---- 5/2 & 5/4      5-7pm

Girls 2011 (Coach Javier Gomez/ Coach Robin Henrikson)---- 5/9 & 5/10       5-7pm   

Girls 2012 (Coach Powell Jones/ Coach Kelsey Chapman)---- 5/3 & 5/5      5-7pm

Girls 2013 (Coach Caleb Messenger/ Coach Jerry Scriver/ Coach Katie Scriver)---- 5/3 & 5/5      5-7pm

Girls 2014, 2015 (Coach TBD)---- 5/3 & 5/5      5-7pm