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Birth Certificate Upload / Medical Waiver

These instructions will help you to upload your SJS Elite players Birth Certificate and sign their Medical Release form. These are requirements for WPL, and no player can play in any games until these requirements are completed. 


   -  Log in to your Got Sport Account by going to

   - Click "LOG IN" on the top right, and then click "GOTSPORT Log in" below.  (Do not use the Got Soccer Classic Login )

If it is your FIRST TIME logging in, you will need to finalize your account, by creating your Password.

           (If it is not your first time logging in, move to Step 3. )


STEP 2: 

-For the FIRST TIME in your Account, you will need to finalize your account by creating a New Password. 

-You MUST use the email address that you registered your Player with SJS. If you are unsure about this, please ask.  **It will be the address you get emails from the SJS Registrar at.**

-Enter your email address, leave the password BLANK, and click "FORGOT PASSWORD" 

-You will be sent an email within 30 minutes. Follow the steps in the email to reset your password. And then you can LOG IN as normal. 


** If you do NOT receive your email to reset your password within 30 minutes, please reach out to us, so we can take a look into your account." 

STEP 3: 

     -Once you are Logged in to your Parent Account, click "FAMILY" at the top. 

     -In your drop down, click your player you want to add the Birth Certificate/Medical Waiver to. 


**Do NOT update or change any email address parts of your account, or it will unlink you from your players account. Also be sure this "Parent Account STAYS the Parent, and you do not change it to your players name. ***


STEP 4: 

      -Once in your players account, click "DOCUMENTS" on the left side bar. 


STEP 5: 

    -Click "NEW DOCUMENT" on the top right side. 



   -In the drop down, click "US CLUB SOCCER- PROOF of BIRTH"

STEP 7: 

     - Click "DOCUMENT LABEL", and select Birth Certificate.

      -Choose your file. 

       -Dont forget to Save.  The system MAY save and then say that Not Documents are found. Ignore this.... your document IS there. You do not need to keep trying to upload it over and over again. 

STEP 8: 

    -Now to submit and sign the Medical Waiver, continue with the following steps. 

    - On the top row, click "FORMS"

    - You will see the Medical Waiver Form available. Click START

STEP 9: 

    - Choose the Player you wish to sign the form for. Do not "Register" the parent. 

    -Click "REGISTER" on your players name. 

    -View and hit Save on your players info. 

    -Once your read the Waiver and click all the boxes, sign your name on the signature line at the bottom (using your mouse). 


     -You have now completed the steps to upload your players Birth Certificate and Medical Waiver. THANK YOU!