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SPRING  Season is APRIL- JUNE for ages 3-14



Season Info: 

April -June

8 Week Season

Weekday Practices/ Saturday morning Games


Closed for New Sponsors until Spring

What Age Category will my child be in?

Use the chart below to figure out what age category your player will be in based off of their birth year.  The Registration program will automatically Register them in the correct age category based off of their birthday.

Every player will be registered in single age categories. When team are out together, 2 or 3 age Categories will be combined to make 6 larger age categories that teams will be formed from.

U15, U12, U10, U8, U6 and Mini Ballers. 
(Example: Players registered as U5 and U6 will join together and play on U6 teams. This will be players who are 5 yrs old and 4 yrs old.)


Can my child play in a different Age Category?

Washington Youth Soccer gives all Washigton Clubs strict rules WE must follow. Sequim Junior Soccer will follow these guidelines:  

Players ARE allowed to play UP an age category, based on Skills Assessment or recommendations from a previous Coach. If you would like your player to play up an age category please contact us during registration. 
Players ARE NOT allowed to play DOWN an age category, unless medically necessary.  If you have questions or concerns about this, feel free to contact us. 


What is the Cost?

Sequim Junior Soccer is one of the most affordable Rec. Sport in the community. 

For Fall And Spring Seasons: Mini Ballers cost $40 (play 6 games), and U5 - U15 cost $65 (play 8 games) . 

For Winter Indoor Season: U11-U16 cost $30 (8 games) 

**Limited Scholarships are available. Please contact us for more information.*Scholarships are only available for Fall and Spring Seasons. *