2018 - 5th Annual Indoor Soccer Season

Dec 3, 2017.  Registration is now closed. 

All group are full.   Sorry


Dates: Sundays. Jan 7th, 14, 21, 28.
Feb 4, 11, 18, 25
March 4th .... last session.


Times:  Starts at 3 pm and goes until to 4:30 pm with youth.....ending at 6 pm for adults. 

Where:  Boys & Girls Club Gym in Sequim. 

Cost:  *$25 per player for the season.  (8-9 sessions, each with 45-90 minutes playing time).

100% of monies collected go to ref's, B&G club rental or insurance.  All remaining funds will be used for extra add on soccer rental days.

*Youth who did not play fall soccer anywhere in Washington State have an additional $15 to WSYSA (individual insurance). Just add the extra $15 via mailed check if you know your youth did not play this fall in any of the soccer orginaizations. We are required to verify every youth player prior to the start.

There is no extra insurance fee for adults (they use a different insurance plan with group coverage).

Time: two 20 minute half's.

• We will put you on a team. Just sign up!
• Games are played 5v5 (with the goal keeper).
• Substitutions are unlimited and can be done on the fly (during play).
• We supply all the equipment except your tennis shoes and shin guards.
• Futsal ball (low bounce soccer ball created for indoor soccer) will improve your skills.

How to Sign up (Register):


Step #1: Pay $25 fee via PAYPAL (also see link below) or mail in check to Sequim FC. You can also pay for each day you play ($10 per day, and if rosters not full already).
Step #2: Download waiver/registration combined form, fill out and email or mail it back
Step #3: Show up for fun. We will divide groups by age.  We will supply referee's, pinnies with numbers, the ball, goals with netx etc.

Step #4: Show up with shin guards (strongly reccomended) and shoes (tennis or indoor soccer) and and have fun.

Youth Age Groups: Minimum 12 per group as 10 on the field at one time needed. Max 18 signs up per group (first come first serve).  It will be a pure scrimmage style. Mix and match players to keep teams even and keep the fun going. Coed. 

Youth Groups -  Coed. 

Group 1 (U10-12) (suggested ages 9, 10, 11 yo). Starts at 3pm   

Group 2 (U13-U15) (suggested ages 12, 13 or 14 yo). Starts at 3:45pm.      

Age 16+ (Sequim FC Adult League):  4:30-6 pm. Coed.     


Coaches?:  None needed.  Just come out and have fun with your kid(s).  We may ask 1 or 2 parents to help supervise the substitutions onto the field along with the league administrators.  We will divide the teams evenely and may re-balance the teams after the first game.

 The football greats forged by futsal!

Messi is by no means the only superstar with futsal roots. Apart from the Argentinian wizard, the likes of Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi and Ronaldo learned the trade in the sports hall.............

For more, see:



Please obtain the waiver - registration form as required prior to playing.

Get them from our website as http://www.sequimfc.net/. There are 3 formats to choose from (PDF. RTF and DOCX) You only need one form. Note the price may say something else at the outdoor season is different.

Please digitally sign the registration / waiver form.

NOTE: We prefer that you fill them out and email them to us. Email Sequim FC

Paypal Signup Link Below - Winter Indoor Futsul Soccer - Sequim FC - $25
Players Name and Age:
Special Indoor Rules:

We are playing with the WSYSA futsal adapted rules for both the adults and children.

Similar to regular soccer except:
1. No slide tackeling.
2. Goalkeepers cannot punt the ball nor throw it in the air more than half the gym distance.
3. Kicks offs can be made back (in outdoor, the ball must first roll forward).
4. No Player to Player Contact above the waist: This is to promote a style of play which focuses on reading the game and technical ability.
Players may not make contact above waist height.  In regular soccer, one can use their shoulder to push another player....this will not be allowed. 
Any contact above waist high results in an in-direct free kick against the offending team.

Footwear: the only types of footwear permitted are canvas or soft-leather training or gymnastic shoes with soles of rubber or a similar material. Regular tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes are good options.

Position of the indirect free kick:
• The players of the opposing team may form a wall to defend a free kick.
• All opponents shall be situated at least 10 feet from the ball.

Beginning with the sixth accumulated foul recorded against either team in each half:
• The defending team’s players may not form a wall to defend a free kick
• The goalkeeper shall remain in his penalty area at a distance of at least 5 yards from the ball
• All the other players shall remain on the pitch behind an imaginary line that is level with the ball and parallel to the goal line, and outside the penalty area. They shall remain 5 yards away from the ball and may not obstruct the player taking the free kick. No player may cross this imaginary line until the ball has been struck and starts to move.

The Penalty Kick: There are not penalty or direct kicks.  All are indirect.

The Kick-in
The kick-in is a method of restarting play.
A goal may not be scored directly from a kick-in.
A kick-in:
• shall be awarded when the whole of the ball crosses the touch line, either along the ground or through the air, or hits the ceiling
• shall be taken from the place where the ball crossed the touch line
• shall be awarded to the opponents of the player who last touched the ball

The Goal Kick:
The goal kick is a method of restarting play.
A goal may not be scored directly from a goal clearance.